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They have set the stage for the further indebtedness and impoverishment of the world’s poor nations. We demanded the redistribution of land in favour of poor farmers and the landless.

The Sandton summit has failed to commit the rich of the world to a redistribution of land, and has thereby chosen to condemn billions of the world’s poor to a life of misery and degradation.

Over the years, the capitalist market has failed to provide food security for billions of people all over the world.

The Sandton summit was another milestone in confirming the dominant and destructive role of the government of the United States. We demanded an end to privatisation of basic services, and a rebuilding of a strong public service.The Sandton summit has bowed down to the pressure of the big oil companies and their leading protector, the United States government.The world can look forward to the use of unhealthy and unsafe energy, and to a profit-driven industry that denies working people the right to clean, safe and affordable energy. We demanded policies that enhance food security, and an end of genetically modified food.The summit fails to reverse the increasing use of genetically modified organism (GMOs), and further deepens the slide to unsafe and unsustainable livelihoods. We demanded policies that uplift women, and change social relations that keep women in bondage.The Sandton summit pays lip-service to the upliftment of women, and takes no steps to change the subordinate position of women in the social structures of various countries.

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