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Of course, in my opinion the serious problem with Rick isn't the 'fooling-around' part but the part where he thinks he owns and controls her. Usually I hate love triangles, but here, with these two dismal choices for Christy, I'm actually desperate for Jones Gunn to bring an actual normal male in here so that Christy can learn that men are not all either a.) saints who refuse to touch you or b.) slavering potential rapists.

I feel like these characters and books are relatable because the characters are common everyday people in everyday situations.

Now, Christy just got back from saying putting her foot down with Rick, who she thinks is moving too fast because he wants to French kiss her. Implying that your daughter is a slut when she's still a virgin is one of the quickest (if not THE quickest) way to ensure that she will start sleeping around.

Not only that, but to a young woman, Daddy's opinion of you is so important.

Everything he does is for your own good, and if you can't understand it, that's okay - you're just a female and the world is a big and scary place.

Thank God you have this strong, Christian man here to make all your decisions for you and keep you safe."RAGE!!!!!

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