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But back to the idea of "stinky Christians." The bite of this zombie metaphor cuts even deeper now. "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook" offers escape, survival and a win over the zombie inside.

There's a spiritual parallel in their insatiable craving for self-satisfaction. This book shows you how to slay the living dead within.

Also why would someone want to be friends with after commenting how you did.

Cameron Boyce is an American actor, dancer and model, best known for his roles in the feature films, Mirrors, Eagle Eye and Grown Ups, as well as for his co-starring role as "Luke Ross" on the Disney Channel comedy series, Jessie.

Then he started bawling and said he's sorry and loves me.

No sign of famine, war rationing, or bread lines in Charlottesville this week, although I am a bit concerned that the price of orange juice went up.” In other news, a parent reported that her daughter played in the sandbox today at their local playground.

Anyone who is paying attention knows about the disturbing violence in our world today.

The Bible describes this as the "old man" or "old self" (Rom 6:6), also commonly referred to as the "sin nature." It's the part of us that resists God and runs from Him. It's the immaterial, mystical part of our soul that wants our own way over God's way. With its unique blend of fiction, graphic novel inspired illustrations, and spiritual guidance, it delivers a fresh, relevant look at the doctrines of sin, grace, salvation and the inner conflict we all face.

And though as Christians this evil entity has no legal authority over us anymore (Rom 6:6-11), we still feel it creeping up on us. In the end, this annual Fall dilemma is much deeper than culture, Halloween, TV shows and trick or treating.

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