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FM Towns also received many games, more so than Sharp X68000 or MS-DOS, whilst the MSX platform (which had many eroge games in the 1980s) was nearing the end of its lifetime by now.

Eroge was much less common on consoles - only NEC's PC Engine series had officially licensed adult games, and from the mid-90s, Sega's Saturn.

Many net users who've seen this footage online felt that these fans have disgraces Korea"This is serious matter, because this is going to affect Japan's Johnnys fans and workers images of Korea. Naked pictures of Keiko Kitagawa and Goto Maki would MAKE MY DAY.

When guests arrive, each one picks a slip of paper out of a bowl and the murderer is assigned.

He got his shirt torn and someone threw a gift at him and it hit his head.

EDIT: added by quin_tessen_ce: The article says apparently the Jimusho said that his hair was pulled out and he got some injuries on his body... And even through the hectic chaos he tried to show his professionalism, by waving at some of the fans and even helping a fan who fell down to get up.(if you look at the bottom 3 caps he's pulling on someone, I wonder if it's the fan who he helped to get up.

(scroll down in the post for this one) The one who picks the apple up out of the water without using hands wins!

Those teen girls might not like getting their hair wet.

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