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For example, the Relief Society gave each child the Relief Society symbol, which they pinned to the child's shirt or blouse, along with a list of what the Relief Society does in the ward.

The interesting part to us as a presidency was that the children 4 through 11 were so impressed by what the clerks did in the ward and how they kept track of each person. The Young Men's President took them into the room where the sacrament was prepared and this was not only of interest to the children but to the teachers as well.

We were finished in 3 hours and the cost was very minimal. Submitted by Chris Activity Days Overview: These are quarterly functions for children ages 3 through 11.

These activities give children opportunities to have fun with one another as they participate in anything from cultural to service-related activities.

We began with a beautiful story about a mother whose living example taught her daughter about serving with love and used a white handkerchief as an object lesson.

We then had them make scripture bookmarks, (made from plastic canvas and 1/8 inch ribbon in many color choices.

At each place setting we set a white handkerchief and a copy of the story.

Each year we pick a theme using the Achievement Day Booklet as a guide.

(This is our 3rd year) This year we invited Mothers and Daughters.

Here are some examples of the various stations: Idea: Recreate Lehi's dream.

The Primary children are told to hold on to the rod (in this case a hose) at all cost.

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